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Grand Opening of FITting Room Fitness Studio

Grand Opening of FITting Room Fitness Studio

New Fitness Buzz in Toronto

FITting Room Fitness Studio has opened in the Greater Toronto Area, located in Markham and has taken the neighbourhood by storm. The newly designed gym facility includes state-of-the-art amenities and every effective fitness equipment necessary to benefit ones body and mind.


What is FITting Room Fitness Studio?
Boutique Style Premium 1-1 Personal Training:

Their facilities include the most effective exercise facilities along with highly qualified personal trainers and fitness coaches. All of the exercises assigned to clients are customized to fit the needs of each individual. Training sessions are never duplicated.


Customized & Science Based Nutrition Plans:

Clients are aided with all the tools needed to maximize on physical benefits. At FITting Room Fitness Studios, strong beliefs are that dietary nutritions are a major part of developing immediate results, therefore they provide meal plans which are specifically modified for each member.


Professional Coaches:

Their coaches and fitness trainers are highly qualified and certified for many instances, which excel the standards of training norms. Each professional personal trainer has specific qualities and strength in their area of expertise. This greatly increases their ability to help clients with all need of their fitness goals.


Turn Fat Into Fit:

A campaign to help members achieve their uttermost toughest goals is here and FITting Room staff makes it their priority to guide members to success. Turn fat into fit stands for the hard work members go thru in achieving their fitness goals. Bad eating habits can be diminished through sheer hard physical activity and this is what they aim to implement.


Giving Back to the Community:

FITting Room Fitness Studio has already made a positive impact on the community, helping folks of all ages and demographics to get fit and stay healthy.


Back to School Boot Camp

There is a strong need to continuously empower the children and youth of our society because they are our future generation! Please take the time to find out more information about their cause and help over here:


Best New Gym in Toronto

FITting Room Studio Fitness makes a great campaign for being the best new fitness facility in the Greater Toronto Area and they will strive to continue their progress. With the continued support of our community, they will aim to become the leading premium brand of physical activity and wellness centre in the GTA and Markham region.