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How to Build Boulder Shoulders

How to Build Boulder Shoulders

How to Build Boulder Shoulders Without Deteriorating Your Shoulder Capsules:
Military Press / Overhead Press

Today’s topic of shoulder exercises is the Military Press, alternatively called the Overhead Press. This movement is a more favourable of shoulder-based exercises. It can be done while either sitting or standing, with a barbell or a dumbbell. Performing the exercise while standing requires greater stability and also greater neuromuscular activity in the deltoid muscle using dumbbells. The standing barbell press activates the biceps and triceps greater than the seated barbell or either standing barbell or dumbbell press.

Common Mistakes of Shoulder Workouts

Now let’s talk about common mistakes that can cause deterioration of the shoulder capsule! I often see people pulling their elbows back while performing this exercise. Pulling the elbows back while performing this exercise causes the scapulae to be positioned so that the shoulder socket is actually angled anteriorly. This will eventually cause shoulder impingement and deterioration of the posterior shoulder capsule.

Corrected Shoulder Press

The actual proper way to do this is to have your elbows slightly in front of your shoulders. This is make sure that you’re working with the proper shoulder plane and will save you from the coming shoulder injury. This proper technique causes greater neuromuscular activity in the shoulder muscle.

Let’s build some boulder shoulders while keeping your shoulder joints healthy!

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